Welcome to the new version of the website formerly known as the "Electronic Book Evaluation Project." All of the information that was on that website, along with its associated Librarian's eBook Newsletter, has been moved to this new location, as part of the University of Rochester Libraries website.

Under eBook Studies, you will find information about the two Library Services & Technology Act grants which initially funded this project, along with details about the following studies:

  • circulation of ebook devices in public, academic and school libraries
  • circulation of audio ebooks in public libraries
  • use of netLibrary ebooks in an academic library
  • Questia's collection & marketing
  • recent presentation Powerpoints

eBook Products contains fact sheets about the latest ebook devices, software and subscription services.

eBook Websites is annotated list of useful websites of up-to-date information about the ebook industry.

The Librarian's eBook Newsletter was a free, bi-monthly newsletter providing information about ebook products, content and the market, specifically for a librarian audience that was published between October 2000 and August 2002.



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